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Portals of Middle-Vision:

Hidden and Timeless

Lady Tundra Arctica of the Portal of Garnet will assume her rightful place as Ruler of the High Court, after she weds Prince Maze Wilde of the Fourth Garnetian Quarter. Born into supremacy, her role continues the long-Millennial reign over the Twelve Portals that exist deep beneath the Earth's surface, unknown to human civilizations. But privilege and luxury are not enough to shield Lady Arctica from being plunged into danger.

Barren Savage the Magnificent, Ruler of the Portal of Tanzanite, conspires against the Garnetians. He plays with the lives of those under his control, to include the humans who've crossed over to become Luminescents. No amount of treachery and trickery will satisfy Barren's lust for power. In his domain, where monsters and gladiators battle, and where snakes and centipedes grow to the size of dragons, the strong will either thrive or be eaten alive.

Meanwhile, Prince Wilde dares to love his darling Sage Viridian, an Emeraldine. And, Panthera Apex, a skilled warrior from the Portal of Amethyst, adores the unattainable Lady Arctica in secret. He is ordered into the Tanzanite territories by the High Court Ruler to protect a mind-shifter from the Portal of Alexandrite, sent to negotiate with Barren Savage for the release of a key witness.

A supernatural creature that roamed Earth's surface for 927 years will finally be made to answer for his crimes at the trial of the Universe.

P.K. McCarthy

Fantasy Author

Come and explore the Hybrid Fantasy world of Portals of Middle-Vision (POM)
Or venture into six Urban Paranormal novels that are the Crimson fantasies.

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to my website! Here are the low-down, bare-bones on me...

I was born in the blustery month of March in Alberta, Canada. My story-telling career began in kindergarten, when I'd play hooky, then tell my teachers fanciful lies to explain my absences. Clearly, the desire to craft fiction had compelled me to hide out in our suburban basement to type out short stories on a manual clunker.

My first attempt to co-write a novel was a bust, so I returned to fiction. By the late 1990's, erotic poetry erupted at a time when I was battling skin cancer. The salacious content should hardly surprise, given that I'd never felt less attractive than when dealing with disfigurement. During 2001-2003, I released three collections, selling poems to magazines in the UK, Canada, and the USA. Then, the editor of Man's Story 2 in Roswell, Georgia purchased some and invited me to write for their fantasy magazine. Three of my stories were published and these led me to wonder if I had a fantasy novel in me. Erotica was my gateway to fantasy fiction. Over a decade of work went into my Crimson Fantasies, an urban paranormal series. My progression from paranormal fantasies to Hybrid Fantasy wasn't planned, though I like where the genre has taken me. Nine years later my seventh novel, Portals of Middle-Vision (POM) is done! I've happily hidden inside this timeless world all by myself, so now is the time to share, once the editorial process is complete.

My heart belongs to the City of Ottawa, Ontario's gem. I sell my novels in person at exhibitions and other fantasy-related literary events in Ottawa. So, if you're in need of advice on being an Indie author, drop by my table. Many fine people have gone out of their way to help me over the years (I'm thinking of you Mister Three Rats and Nitronium). Their generosity inspires me to give back to the writing community, an activity about which I care strongly. Bear in mind, I work full-time, like many Canadian artists, so if you're patient, I'm happy to offer a free critique of your story or a chapter of your as-yet-unreleased-novel. Reach out to me by visiting the Contact page on this site.

A special note of thanks to for creating my brilliant cover for POM! I had looked for the right cover easily for five years and then I found it! The cover of POM spoke to me and the marriage of my seventh novel to its graphic design is complete. Check out her covers; you won't be disappointed.

Thank you for dropping in and for supporting Indie authors. You are my kind of people!


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