The Crimson Man

A Fantasy


What if the Man of Your Dreams Was Not Really Just a Man?

Would you pull away, if you knew the truth? Or would you lose yourself in him?

The Crimson Man (A Fantasy)

Magdalene's life is balanced, serene and sheltered. A chance encounter at a Picasso art exhibit in Montreal changes everything. Her eyes lock with the dark eyes of Samuel Crimson. They fall hard for one another -- a life of pleasure and glorious pain is born. Set in the City of Ottawa, Samuel introduces Magdalene to an unrestrained and secret world of erotica. Together their love blooms like a flower turning toward the sun, and then Samuel is compelled to reveal his true self.

The following is an excerpt from page 109 of The Crimson Man:

Magdalene felt him between her legs, crossing them, trying to take her mind off the fact that her panties were soaking wet. This man seated beside her was almost too much, too much for her fantastic imagination. If only he knew what dirty deeds she had conjured up while he spoke.

He wore relaxed fitting pants and a black, crew neck shirt, with white buttons; the first two undone, opening up to his chest; black hairs speckled lightly across. His sandals were well worn and his toenails groomed.

She thought how funny it is that women notice the most unusual aspects of a man.

"I realize it's impolite to ask personal questions about someone I've only just met but they really are the best questions to ask after all," he remarked.

"OK now you've piqued my interest," she replied.

"You're not involved with anyone?"

"Alas I'm an unclaimed treasure," she answered.

He liked her light-hearted humour.