The Crimson Boy

A Fantasy Continued

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There Can Only Be One Vampire in All of Earth

Would you, if you knew there were prostitutes and party girls, dirty cops and innocents alike?

The Crimson Boy (A Fantasy Continued)

Sir William Simon Hennessy, the One and Only Vampire, overturns Samuel and Magdalene's idyllic world. His long-held dream to create a new race of hybrid-human vampires will be their undoing. He will go to any lengths to succeed, even turning against his own son. Samuel will do anything to stop his father -- life without Magdalene is no life at all. Blood splatters freely across the pages of this unpredictable vampire romance where innocents alike join the legion of the drained. In a dramatic cliffhanger, the red-velvet curtain is pulled back to reveal the birth of a new vampire mythos.

The following is an excerpt from page 102 of The Crimson Boy:

"Of course," said Sir William with confidence. His nostrils flared and her fragrant scent curled in his nose. He inhaled quietly, filling his nasal passages deeply, while simultaneously bringing to mind an image of her on the rack as Samuel was above, turning the crank.

Sir William, on rare occasions, however extreme, would respond to the female species with arousal. He was surprised; sitting across the table from Magdalene incited in him a desire for wanting a woman the old-fashioned way, through intercourse.

He smelled again, breathing in far longer, allowing the scent to remain inside his nostrils, holding it with his mind, recognizing her scent, attaching it to her as though it were a silk cover clinging to her limbs. He couldn't stop looking at her. The lingering aroma of marijuana was picked up; caught in the material of her clothes.

"Are you a real... I mean... are you a," she dared not say the word.

"You are a cultivator of organic plants, are you not?" he asked.

"Yeah," she answered. "Organic is ideal. Food tastes better, especially meat like chicken if they're raised free range without antibiotics and fed on grains instead of animal parts," Magdalene looked around, horrified she was about to say that word in public, to use the very word which had been resting on the tip of her tongue from the moment Sir William's face became known to her.

"Are you a..." she tried once more to ask. Again, the word would not come out.

"A super-charged, reanimated human," he said, finishing her sentence.

Magdalene looked around to ensure no one was within proximity.