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What if you entered into a hidden and timeless world?

Would you try to return to the surface or survive in an underworld of dwellers and monsters?

POM: Portals of Middle-Vision

Lady Tundra Arctica, will ascend the throne as Her Worship, Garnetian Ruler of the High Court and Ruler of the Central and Four Realm Quarters to include authority over all 12 portals. Portals of Middle-Vision is a hybrid fantasy that combines the genres of high fantasy with urban paranormal fantasy, creating an exciting and hidden world of love and treachery.

Visit The 12 Portals page for details on each portal, their symbols, and characters.

The following is an excerpt from POM:

In the tunnels that connected chambers to one another, darkness crawled into the open spaces like a living, breathing fog with diabolical intent to envelop and obscure dwellers. For that reason, merchants hung torches overhead to provide extra light, not for the benefit of dwellers but to showcase their wares, by casting a glow on the finer detail of their products.

Sage’s beauty could not be dimmed by darkness.

Discretely, Maze inhaled deeply to smell her scent. Every spice that was regularly used in the Wilde kitchens had flowered her hair. The punchy aroma of turmeric and cumin, and the subtle accents of basil and oregano, all were offset by the stark influence of red-crushed chili, black pepper and smoked paprika. The animal inside Maze wanted to reach out and kiss his Emeraldine in front of everyone, only he knew better to exercise control. That interval would come soon enough. Openly demonstrating his lust for his Emeraldine would run counter to his father’s advice to conceal his feelings. Buying new silks to impress other Garnetians for his upcoming betrothal ceremony was to be expected, for competition gave life to the Garnetian quarters.