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The Crimson Time

Attentive readers of Patricia K. McCarthy's fourth Crimson novel will notice the introduction of a new character, one based upon David Three Rats, of all people.

Her portrayal reads disturbingly true, right down to the glass of white wine never far from his grasp. Fitting, given that The Crimson Time is a tale of consumption to gross excess, a "vampire crawl" if you will; a pub crawl in the company of vampires, with a treasure hunt to drive the plot on its lurching, sodden way. Magdalene, our luscious heroine returns, now a vampire full-blown. Bask in her immortal radiance as we share a few tumblers of dark rum with Auntie, listen as baby Finn farts (loudly; blame the vegetables) and watch as husband Samuel makes a total ass of himself.

Once again, Ms. McCarthy dishes up tales of wicked sex, basement grow-ops, police malfeasance, rampant bloodletting and more... all of it set on a single, late-winter's day in Canada's fair Capital.

With McCarthy's Crimson vampire series in hand, who would ever dare call Ottawa "the City that Fun Forgot?"

"This is rich material... pure daring whackness." - David Three Rats